Strategic communication does not exist, it is a marketing expedient used by PR agencies. What does exist, however, is an in-depth knowledge of the various levers, channels and means of communication – ever more numerous and changing than before – and the ability to bring them together in harmony.

From this perspective, strategic communication is similar to conducting and orchestra which, indeed, does not exist in itself. Only conductors are real, as masters who are so versatile and so skilled – and in so many musical instruments – that they are able to make each elements play as a whole, in the most harmonious complementarity.

This is why Value Relations has set up several specialized spin-offs and some partnerships with agencies focused exclusively on different areas of intervention:


At Value Relations you will find journalists – both freelance and professionals – who have spent years in the editorial offices of newspapers, radio and TV, press officers of the biggest Italian hospitals and crisis managers who have faced the most challenging stress tests the pharmaceutical industry faced in the last decade.

These professionals will support you in identifying the strategy, building the integrated plans – or, if you prefer, in filling the musical score with notes – and in coordinating the teams of top experts in the different areas of intervention.

For over 15 years, integrated consultancy for Healthcare